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We are thrilled to announce the release of ‘Silkidrangar Sessions’ - a companion to last year’s debut - containing re-worked tracks from the original album ‘Silkidrangar’.

Employing ambient, acoustic and even dub elements, the reworked versions combine the immediacy of live performance with the flexibility of the studio. Recorded over two days in Reykjavík, to facilitate further improvisation, the band invited contributions from local musician friends with diverse backgrounds who added tabla drums, cello, saxophone and modular synth.

You can hear a teaser track from the album right here on Spotify.

Silkidrangar Sessions is now available to pre-order! Grab it on fancy 12" silver vinyl or digitally from iTunes.


New album, new live dates, new single we got it all ! Head over to The Line Of Best Fit for details right here.

9 - Ace Theatre, Los Angeles, USA
11 - The Standard, New York, USA

2 - Spot Festival, Aarhus, Denmark
3 - Monarch, Berlin, Germany
5 - Oslo, London, UK
8 - Parktreetret, Oslo, Norway

19-21 - Secret Solstice Festival, Reykjavík


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        Combining disparate elements of electronics
(Þórður Kári Steinþórsson, aka ‘Doddi’), clarinet (Áslaug Rún Magnúsdóttir) and
Jófríður Ákadóttir’s enchanting voice, Samaris mix glacial electronica and
bold, percussive beats with haunting chant-like vocals - the lyrics culled from
nineteenth century Icelandic poems. “You could say the words have been
delicately sewn together and in a way they already have their song, their own
melody when you read them” suggests Áslaug. The overall effect is
simultaneously ancient and modern – an ethereal sound filled with dark spaces
and alien atmosphere.       


Black Lights (2016) [Released June 10th]

Wanted 2 Say [Single] (2016)

Silkidrangar Sessions (2015)

Silkidrangar (2014)

Samaris (2013)

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